Trina Solar to Add 10GW in Annual Production Capacity of High-Efficiency 210mm Solar Cells

PVTIME – Yesterday, Trina Solar announced that the company has signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Yancheng Economic and Technicological Development Zone in Jiangsu Province to expand its manufacturing capacity of G12 solar cells.

According to the announcement, in accordance with the company’s development strategies, Trina Solar will add 10GW in annual production capacity of high-efficiency 210mm(G12) solar cells through two means, further enhancing its core competitiveness through the cost and scale advantages of expanding production capacity.

First, Trina Solar will add 7.6GW in annual production capacity with the construction of a new facility inside Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total construction time is expected to be 6 months from the official start of construction to the start of production, and the total investment of this project shall not exceed 3 billion yuan.

Second, through technical transformation and upgrading, Trina Solar will add another 2.4GW in annual production capacity by upgrading its existing production facility inside the Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total construction time is expected to be about 4 months, and the total investment of this project is estimated to be 800 million yuan.

The 10GW 210mm cells will be used in the Trina Solar Vertex 600W+ new product series, which has been widely acclaimed in the market. The latest moves will not only speed up technological innovation in the industry, but also provide a broader space for reducing balance of system and levellized cost of energy from the system side to ensure stable customer income.

Trina Solar is dedicated to an all-round value strategy that delivers immense benefits to its customers. Relying on the R&D platform of its critical photovoltaic science and technology laboratory, Trina Solar plans to strengthen R&D investment in the field of large-size cells and modules to ensure that the average efficiency of newly built passivated emitter and real cells reaches 23% early next year. The company will continue to deploy forward-looking battery and component technology as it seeks to maintain its leading market position.

Gao Jifan, General Manager and Chairman of Trina Solar said, the company will further enhance its core competitiveness through cost and scale advantages in expanding the production capacity of high-efficiency large-size solar cells, seize market development opportunities for monocrystalline products, and enhance profitability and the company’s comprehensive competitiveness with the advantage of policies in Yancheng that are forward looking and give invaluable support to industry.