Jolywood Introduces Hauberk Tech and Celebrates 100GW Cumulative Shipments Milestone at SNEC 2020

PVTIME – On August 8, Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd. (SZ: 300393)
(Jolywood), a global leading supplier of solar backsheets and N-type bifacial
solar cells, celebrated reaching the
100GW cumulative shipments milestone and introduced its all new “Hauberk Tech” at
the 14th SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart
Energy Exhibition & Conference in Shanghai.

Addressing the media and guests at the ceremony, Lin
Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood said, “Jolywood is very pleased and honored that
our customers, partners, and friends of the industry are able to join us for
the celebration of reaching the 100GW cumulative shipments milestone and attend
the official press release of the latest technology driving the development of
Jolywood’s transparent backsheets. Since Jolywood produced our first backsheet in
2008, with the support and recognition of the industry, we have become a world
leading supplier of transparent backsheets. Today, we will be unveiling the
core technology behind our new transparent backsheet: Hauberk Tech. We are
confident that Hauberk Tech will open a new era for transparent backsheets, leading
and promoting the development of the photovoltaic industry. Let today mark the
beginning of the momentous journey from 100GW to 1000GW for Jolywood with Hauberk
Tech as the driver!”

Hauberk Tech

Following the opening address from Lin Jianwei, Dr.
Zhang Fute, Chief Technical Officer of Jolywood, gave an presentation detailing
how Jolywood’s backsheets’ super UV protection characteristic is realized
through the innovations and breakthroughs of Hauberk Tech.


-Material innovation: application of hybrid organic-inorganic
nanoalloy materials.

-Equipment innovation: design and development of exclusive
hyperdispersion equipment, truly applying nanomaterials to backsheet products.

-Process Innovation: during the hyperdispersion
process, the nanoalloy materials are coated and modified to form an active nanomaterial.


-Super UV resistance: the major technical problems of UV blocking and
visible light transmission have been successfully solved, and the backsheets
show no attenuation or yellowing after DH3000 and UV1000 aging.

-Ultra high light transmittance: the hybrid organic-inorganic nanoalloy
materials have the ability to reduce reflection and increase light
transmittance. The surface coating of the nanoalloy material gives it the
ability to convert UV rays into visible light, and the light transmittance of
the transparent area is able to exceed 93%.

About Jolywood

Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology
Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under Jolywood Group (stock code:SZ300393), is the
world leading n-type bifacial solar cells and modules manufacture. The
technology of company includes NTOPCon, NIBC, TBC, etc, and the annual n-type
bifacial production capacity reaches 2.1GW cells and 3GW modules. Jolywood
is strengthening its R&D investment and technology innovation,
and has comprehensive intellectual property in n-type technologies:
136 patents have been applied, in which 67 granted and 7 with
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