22.1%! 615Wp! Jolywood’s New Generation of Niwa® High-Efficiency Bifacial Modules Shine at Shanghai SNEC Exhibition

PVTIME – On August 8, the SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Well-known enterprises in the industry showcase their latest products and technologies. Jolywood, the world’s largest manufacturer of N-type photovoltaic products, launched its new flagship brand Niwa® Super 615W high-efficiency bifacial modules. This is the first time this product has appeared in the world. It attracted the attention of countless people inside and outside the industry and caused quite a stir.

At this new product launch conference for the new generation of Jolywood Niwa 570W and 615W, Jolywood announced three heavyweight solar modules, Niwa® Super, Niwa® Pro and Niwa® Black. These three products all use the latest generation of NTOPCon cell technology from Jolywood, with a maximum power of 615W and a module efficiency of 22.1%, making it the most efficient module in the photovoltaic market. At the exhibition site, the Jolywood booth gathered guests and crowds, attracting countless people to stop by and have a look. It is worth mentioning that Jolywood’s press conference is carried out simultaneously online and offline. For foreign customers who cannot come to the exhibition site, they can learn about the press conference information in real time through Jolywood’s online platform.

Jolywood’s Niwa® brand made its debut at last year’s SNEC exhibition, which also caused a lot of shock in the industry. The first Niwa® product with 23.2% mass production cell efficiency and 460W module power became one of the highest in the country and even in the world. The Niwa® second-generation product released this time is a brand new upgrade with more powerful performance. Dr. Zhifeng Liu, deputy general manager of Jolywood, said: “This is our new Niwa® second-generation product which has made significant improvements and enhancements in terms of cell efficiency and module technology compared to the previous generation of Niwa products, the cell efficiency increased from 23.2% to 24.5%, and the mass production efficiency averages 24%. Our second-generation Niwa® products have the core advantages of “three highs and three lows”, namely high efficiency, high bifaciality, high reliability, low degradation, and no LID /LeTID, low temperature coefficient, is the top photovoltaic module on the market in the future. We also use cutting-edge technologies such as large-size silicon wafers, 11 busbars, half-cells, nano-alloy transparent backsheet, etc. The weight of the module is only 12.1kg per square meter, which is effective in reducing the cost of BOS installation, while it also increases the expansion of large modules on the roof and other applications. In the future, we will continue to deepen the N-type bifacial photovoltaic technology and introduce more product types to meet different market needs.”

At the same time, we have also launched the Niwa® black series of full black module products. In addition to using N-type silicon, TOPCon cell technology, and multi-busbar half-cell technology, Niwa® black modules will display a different visual effect. The black mesh backsheet is adopted, and the front side has no color difference, which has a good aesthetic effect. The reason why our Niwa® black module can achieve a very uniform appearance, jet black and not shiny, is mainly due to the optimization of the cell coating technology. The normal cell coating is single-layer or double-layer SINx anti-reflection film, but our module adopts a multilayer anti-reflection film composed of three different dielectric layers, matched with a special coated glass to present such a beautiful appearance. Niwa® black is currently highly praised by customers in the residential housing market in Japan and Europe.