TCL Zhonghuan Raises P-Type and N-Type Wafer Prices for August 2023

PVTIME – On 29th July 2023, TCL Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (002129.SZ), a leading manufacturer and distributor of discrete semiconductor devices, released its latest product prices for the month of August 2023,  where prices across the board have increased.

Compared with the price on 9th July, the price of silicon wafers with different specifications has increased by 0.10-0.19 yuan/piece (3.51%-5.17%).

The latest prices of the company’s P-type 218.2, 210 and 182 wafers are 4.26, 3.95 and 2.95 yuan/piece respectively, up by 0.19 (4.67%), 0.18 (4.77%) and 0.10 (3.51%) respectively.

And its n-type 130μm wafers are 4.03 yuan/piece for 210 and 3.05 yuan/piece for 182, increased by 0.19 (4.95%) and 0.15 (5.17%) respectively, compared with that released in 9th July. Meanwhile, the n-type 110μm wafers are 3.87 yuan/piece for 210 and 2.93 yuan/piece for 182, up by 0.18 (4.88%) and 0.14 (5.02%) respectively.

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