Risen 20MW photovoltaic power plant components Huaneng Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou contract.

In recent times, the reporter learned from Huaneng Tendering Co. Ltd that Risen new Energy Limited share Co., Ltd. was the best among the six domestic companies. Ningxia bid Huaneng Energy Ltd. The Huaneng Ningxia Energy Co. Ltd. “Huaneng Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou 20MWp photovoltaic power plant project of polycrystalline silicon solar cell assembly equipment procurement contract”.

The project is located in the photovoltaic industrial park of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Zhongwei city Shapotou District. The Solar radiation resource is rich there, the transportation is convenient, and the water, electricity, communications and other infrastructure conditions are all equipped. The total installed capacity of the current project is 21.56MWp, adopting the block grid generation and centralized power systems.


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