The competitiveness of Risen will be enhanced in its industry.

Led by the Ministry of the “Solar photovoltaic industry access” is being discussed by experts, and it is being actively modified, the draft access conditions will make clear specifications on enterprises’ research and development capabilities, the scale of production, shipments, the number of patents and other aspects. In addition, since the beginning of 2012, parts of the photovoltaic enterprises went bankrupt or exit the photovoltaic industry due to the tight cash flow. In the next few years, China’s photovoltaic industry’s market concentration will increase significantly. Enterprises who have earnings turnaround, better financing ability and good service quality in 2013 will occupy more market shares in the future.

Risen is a listed company with advanced technology and scientific management methods, has significant technology, brand and capacity advantages. Since 2013, along with Risen products’ slight price rise and the increase in orders, Risen has a turnaround on its profit improvement. Moreover, Risen has a better asset quality and its debt burden is reasonable. With the introduction of the industry access conditions, the photovoltaic industry appears less blind expansion possibilities, the entire industry concentration will increase. In the industry, the competitiveness of Risen will enhance.


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