The components sale of Risen pickup, the power plant business contribution performance increased.

(Chang Jiang Securities): Risen released its 2013 report, during the reporting period, the company achieved the operating income of 891 million Yuan, which showed an increase of 18.54 percent compared with the same period of the previous time; the net profit attributable to parent company was 30,630 Yuan, an increase of 1924.55 percent compared with the same period of last time; the EPS achieved was 0.05 Yuan. In the second quarter, the achieved operating income was 594 million Yuan, an increase of 39.08 percent; achieved the net profit of the parent company 2,301 Yuan, an increase of 1883 percent; the EPS in the second quarter was 0.04 Yuan, 0.01 Yuan a quarter.

The component sales picked up in the first half year, and the orders increased capacity utilization returned to a high position. The photovoltaic market recovered in the first half year, and the component prices rebounded compared with the end of last year. The company based in Germany, Italy and other overseas markets, at the same time, expanded the domestic and other emerging markets’ development, and signed a large 408 million order with Energy-saving, making the company’s orders increase in the first half year. In addition, the company’s own power plant construction also contributed module sales, in the first half year, the company’s production capacity utilization close to a full production, the component sales grew than the same previous period. Due to the prices drop significantly compared with the same period last year, the company’s component revenue fell 12.12 percent in the first half year. The capacity utilization’s increase and the company’s cost control made component gross rate rose 1.74 percent to 20.43 percent.

The plant sale contribution income and performance is expected to continue to provide increase in later period. In the first half year, the company power sale income achieved revenue 253 million Yuan, an increase of 844 percent compared with the previous time, and it can mainly explain the 12.96 percent growth compared with the income of the first half year of last year.

The company continues to actively carry out the power station business on the basis of the pre-power plant construction experience. China and CGNPC signed a 140MW power plant cooperation agreement, the foreign countries use the 105 million Yuan raised fund to increase the capital for the subsidiary in Hong Kong, to enhance the business development of Australia and other emerging markets to increase the integrated photovoltaic business’ development, and it will be able to go on contributing to the performance in later time.


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