Photovoltaic + Water Purification: LONGi Sustainable Development Model Lights the Way for Future Energy Transition

PVTIME – On December 25, numerous government leaders and industry experts gathered at the  3.66MW photovoltaic power generation project at the Meixi Lake Water Purification Plant in Hunan Province, to jointly view new development opportunities for the advanced application mode of “Photovoltaic +”. As the sole module supplier for this project, LONGi supplied 3.66MW of its modules to the Hunan Xiangxin Xiaohao New Energy Technology Company.

The Meixi Lake project adopts the emerging rack system of “steel structure + stressed steel cable” to install solar modules above the water purification plant. Through the innovative installation of 12,088 units of LONGi high-efficiency modules, the project effectively utilizes approximately 38,000 square meters of green land space in the water purification plant area.

With China vigorously advocating distributed photovoltaic power generation, the application of “Photovoltaic +” is growing rapidly across the country. The project at Meixi Lake aims for energy self-consumption with surplus electricity supplied to the grid. The “Photovoltaic + Water Purification” concept can not only use clean energy for sewage plant treatment to protect the environment, but the excess electric energy produced also has considerable economic benefits, which are conducive to the sustainable development of renewable energy and the social economy.

It is estimated that power generation in the first year will be 3,469,900 KWh, with cumulative power generation over 25 years expected to be 80,883,700 KWh, giving an average annual figure of 3,235,300 KWh. According to a thermal power standard coal consumption of 309g per kilowatt hour, the construction and operation of the plant can save some 795.27t of coal every year, reduce smoke and dust emissions by 1.00t, CO2 emissions by around 1,988.17t, NXOY emissions by about 5.57t and SO2 emissions by approximately 5.82t.

Hunan Xiangxin Xiaohao New Energy’s project leader commented: “The water purification plant has always been a big power consumer, and to construct photovoltaic power generation projects above the large area and open space has unique advantages. With the concerted efforts of LONGi and other partners, the Meixi Lake project was successfully connected to the grid, and the “Photovoltaic + Water Purification” application model has now been established.”

Dennis She, SVP at LONGi Solar added: “Building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient system is the fundamental direction for energy transition. LONGi will continue to uphold the development concept of “Solar for Solar”, fulfil the company’s commitment to society, be at the vanguard of the energy revolution, and drive the clean energy business to a higher level.”