Phase I of LDK Solar’s 10GW High-Efficiency Module Production Project Now Operational

PVTIME – On December 28, the commissioning ceremony for Phase I of LDK Solar’s 10GW high-efficiency module production project was held in Xinyu Saiwei Industrial Park. It is reported that the project was invested and constructed by LDK Solar Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of A-share listed company Fujian Haiyuan Composites Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Haiyuan Composites”). The commissioning ceremony marks the formal entry of Haiyuan Composites into the photovoltaic field.

Commissioning ceremony for Phase I of LDK Solar’s 10GW project. (Source: LDK Solar)

The overall planned production capacity of the module project is 10GW and the project is said to have adopted a highly automated and customized assembly line that is able to produce various versions of photovoltaic modules with 210mm cells and below. Designed with ergonomics, error proofing, rapid replacement, version compatibility, and safety protection in mind, it is one of the most advanced assembly lines in the industry currently and will provide customers with high-quality products and further expand the market share and influence of LDK Solar and Haiyuan Composites.

The investment total of the project is reported to be 2.068 billion yuan. Upon completion, the annual revenue generated is expected to be about 16.5 billion yuan.