13.8 Billion Yuan! TCL Zhonghuan to Invest in Wafer and TOPCon Projects

PVTIME – On 4th July 2023, TCL Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (002129.SZ), a leading manufacturer and distributor of discrete semiconductor devices, announced that it will raise funds not exceeding 13.8 million yuan to invest in the construction of an ultra-thin monocrystalline solar wafer smart factory and its 4.0 smart factory, which is engaged in the production of n-type TOPCon high-efficiency solar cells.

The first wafer factory is designed to produce G12 large-size silicon wafers with a production capacity of 35GW per year, which will increase the wafer production capacity by 27.34% once it is operational. Meanwhile, the 4.0 smart factory will reach a production capacity of 25GW of n-type TOPCon high-efficiency solar cells, all of which will be used for TCL Zhonghuan’s own module production rather than supplying to the public. It will provide the company with new products that have not been mass-produced before.

These projects are expected to promote the upgrading of TCL Zhonghuan’s solar cell and module production, and further support its shingled PV module business.

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