25.85%! Astronergy Solar Achieves New High Efficiency on TOPCon Cell

PVTIME – On 5 July 2023, Astronergy Solar, an intelligent manufacturing company focusing on photovoltaic modules, is pleased to announce that the highest average efficiency of 25.85% has been achieved by Astronergy Solar’s n-type TOPCon 3.0 cells in its pilot production line. Meanwhile, an average efficiency of 25.6% has been updated on Astronergy Solar’s n-type TOPCon cells in mass production.

It is a milestone for Astronergy to secure the supply of highly efficient and reliable TOPCon cells to its overseas partners, with a large-scale manufacturing base due to be completed this year, increasing Astronergy’s production capacity to 50GW of modules per year.

Leveraging Astronergy’s industry-leading TOPCon 3.0 process technology, the company’s R&D and manufacturing teams are highly capable of upgrading the TOPCon cell in a very short time. In February, the mass production of SE-TOPCon cells with an efficiency improvement of more than 0.3% was achieved through the introduction of Boron-LDSE technology, which together with Lightly Doped Polysilicon (LDP) backside passivation technology, brought Astronergy into the TOPCon 3.0 era. Then, in March, as a result of continuous development and optimisation of high-efficiency surface cleaning technology, Boron-LDSE technology, high-efficiency backside passivation and new metallisation technology, the average efficiency of Astronergy’s TOPCon cell reached 25.62% in a mass production pilot line. And in June 2023, as a leading solar cell manufacturer, Astronergy achieved an average efficiency of 25.81% on TOPCon cells in the pilot line, with the highest average efficiency of 25.85% and the highest power of more than 591W on 182/72 modules, verified by an authoritative third party.

Astronergy never stops its efforts in research and development of high efficiency, high quality and high performance PV products, enabling its large size panels to be perfectly applied in all scenarios, including utility scale PV power plants, commercial and industrial (C&I) PV systems and residential PV systems. And as a holding company of the CHINT Group, Astronergy is committed to being the world’s most competitive supplier of photovoltaic modules, with a mission to create a sustainable and carbon-free world through solar power.

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