US$11 Billion! Xinyi Group Chinese Glass Giant to Invest on Quartz Sand Project in Indonesia

PVTIME – Xinyi Group, one of the world’s leading integrated glass and solar module manufacturers, plans to invest US$11 billion in a quartz sand or silica sand production base in the Rempang Eco-City Area in Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Bahlil Lahadalia, Minister of Investment, recently visited the Xinyi Group in Wuhu City, China. Xinyi is considered one of the world’s leading industrial players and is welcome to invest in Rempang, Bahlil said in a press statement on 19 July, 2023, and the Indonesian government will continue to promote downstream in various industrial parts.

“We have quartz sand, silica. But all this time we have been exporting it in an unprocessed form. The development of a glass and solar panel ecosystem is part of our efforts to drive the industrial downstream in the quartz sand sector,” said Bahlil.

Xinyi Group is motivated by the great development of the economy and investment in the environment in Indonesia. And the company is interested in jointly establishing a large-scale even the largest glass factory in Indonesia, make the industry grow fast and healthy as Xinyi invested in other

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