Risen Energy Rolls Off HJT Module from PI of 15GW Production Base in Ningbo City of China

PVTIME – On 13 August 2023, Risen Energy Co.,Ltd. (Risen Energy)(300118.SZ), a leading company primarily involved in researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling grid-connected PV power generation systems, conducted a ceremony to commemorate the first Hyper-ion HJT module produced in the initial phase of its 15GW production facility located in Ningbo City, China.

Risen Energy’s new project has a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan. It is designed as a manufacturing base for photovoltaic + energy storage products, including 15 GW of ultra-low-carbon HJT and 15 GW high-efficiency solar modules.

These new products are expected to meet the increasing demand of global customers for clean energy. The Hyper-ion module rolled from the new production base is a revolutionary product developed by Risen Energy based on the 210mm ultra-thin large silicon wafer + heterojunction technology platform. It adopts unique low-temperature double-sided passivation contact, double-sided microcrystalline technology, as well as low-silver-containing paste, steel frame, and other processes. This leads to a significant increase in conversion efficiency while dramatically reducing costs. Additionally, the module can reach a peak power of 741.456Wp and an efficiency of 23.89%. It has an extremely stable temperature coefficient and ultra-high double-sided rate. It can retain more than 90% of its power for 30 years, and its carbon footprint value can be lower than 400kg eq CO2/kWc.

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