153MW! PV Plant in Open-pit Mine Discharge Site Connected to the Grid in China

PVTIME – On 8th August 2023, a 153MW photovoltaic power plant was connected to the grid at an open-pit mine discharge site in Xilingol League.

The solar power plant is located on the south side of the No.1 open pit mine in Xilingol League, which is the centre of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China. It is a joint venture between GCOFAR and CEIC Shengli, with an installed capacity of 153MW and an energy storage system of 45.9MWh.

Upon connection to the grid, the project will be able to supply 224 million kWh of clean electricity per year. This amount can meet the annual electricity consumption of approximately 200,000 families and save an estimated 98,000 metric tonnes of standard coal per year. It is expected that this project will minimize carbon emissions, protect vegetation in the vicinity of the mine, and play a positive role in promoting the green transformation of the local energy structure and economic development.

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