MOFCOM Spokesman Shen Danyang Comments on U.S. Final Ruling of Antidumping and Antisubsidy Investigation against Imports of Chinese Solar Cells

On October 10, the U.S. Department of Commerce made final ruling of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation against imports of Chinese solar cells, with anti-dumping duty rate ranging from 18.32% to 249.96%, and anti-subsidy duty rate from 14.78% to 15.97%. MOFCOM Spokesman Shen Danyang commented that the U.S. Commerce Department disregarded the defense of the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises, and imposed unfair duties against China’s solar cell exports to the U.S. China is strongly dissatisfied with the ruling.

Mr. Shen said that, the US provoked the trade friction in new energy field, and sent a negative signal of trade protectionism and blocking the development of new energy to the whole world. It runs counter to the general trend of coping with the climate change and energy safety challenge of the international community, and is inconsistent with the commitments made at the G20 summit to avoid taking any new measures of trade and investment protectionism. In fact, China and the U.S. cooperate closely in clean energy field, and have formed the pattern that one can not separate from the other. To impose anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on China’s solar cell products will also undermine the interests of U.S. exporters of raw materials and equipment and U.S. consumers.

Mr. Shen further pointed out that cooperation between China and U.S. enterprises is increasingly closer, with increasing common benefits. China hopes the U.S. side can correct the wrong doing, terminate the trade remedy measures against China’s solar cell products, support exchanges and cooperation between industries of the two sides, and promote the development of new energy and green economy.


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