LONGi Solar Brings MONO PERC to France’s PV Market

On January 25, 2019, the French government published a draft 10-year energy plan that would see its installed renewable energy capacity more than double by 2028, mainly by fresh wind and solar power additions. As of September 2018, the cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity of France was 8.8GW. According to the new plan, the installed photovoltaic capacity will reach 20.6GW in 2023 and 35.6-44.5GW in 2028.

The French photovoltaic market is exuberant, and many photovoltaic enterprises have turned their eyes on France. From February 13 to 15, the BePOSITIVE energy exhibition was successfully held in Lyon, France. Compared with the previous exhibition in 2017, the exhibition this year attracted more photovoltaic manufacturers and investors because of the rise of photovoltaic in the past two years and the favorable conditions of the European and French markets.

LONGi Solar, the world leading mono pv manufacturer, brought its bifacial PERC and halfcut-cell products to the exhibition. This is also LONGi’s first public appearance in France since entering the French market. In fact, LONGi has been in the French market for more than a year. “In the French and the European markets, the land and other costs are high, the rooftop space is expensive, and the use of higher-efficiency products is of great significance. That’s why LONGi provides the product solutions with the best conversion efficiency to France, especially rooftop users. In 2019, we’ll supply the French market with halfcut-cell, bifacial and other high-efficiency PERC module products, including 320W 60-cell products,” said Nick Wang, EMEA Sales Director of LONGi Solar.

According to Kdi Solar’s general manager Jean-Charles Drouvin and business manager Benoît Pecher, “Mono PERC was initially very expensive in the French market and was used only for particularly small rooftop projects and special projects. Thanks to LONGi’s continuous investment in the R&D of MONO PERC, the price difference has been narrowed quickly, as a result, MONO PERC can be quickly accepted by the public, and be widely used. It can be said that the high recognition of high-efficiency products in today’s photovoltaic market is largely attributable to LONGi’s vigorous promotion and development that have made MONO PERC the market mainstream. We believe that LONGi is the only reliable brand!”

Another highlight is that LONGi has been committed to providing France with truly clean green energy that really meets the high requirements for carbon footprint and emissions of the French market. “At present, our monocrystalline factories in Yunnan of China and Kuching of Malaysia have realized the production of photovoltaic products with clean energy such as local hydropower. In the future, we will further devote ourselves to the ideal of ‘solar for solar’, produce photovoltaic products with photovoltaic energy, and deliver truly clean photovoltaic products to customers in France and Europe,” said Nick Wang.