Huawei Joins Hands with PowerChina

PVTIME – Huawei Digital Power (Huawei), a leading provider of clean energy and smart equipment that integrates digital and power electronics technology, recently signed a cooperation agreement with PowerChina (PowerChina Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.) in Shenzhen, China.

The two parties have agreed to collaborate on new energy initiatives. They will leverage their respective strengths and support each other to drive synergistic growth, mutual benefit, and win-win outcomes.

PowerChina hopes that the two sides will identify points of convergence, strengthen cooperation and docking, innovate the mode of cooperation, fully cooperate in digital transformation, grid-connected energy storage and other fields, establish benchmark projects, and promote the quality and efficiency of PowerChina’s management and high-quality development with digitalisation and intelligence.

Huawei will leverage its strengths in talent, technology and other areas to focus on the construction of clean energy plants, energy storage, charging networks, energy safety, supply security, talent training and related aspects.

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