GD Power Suizhong Signs 1.3 Billion Yuan for 300MW Rooftop PV Projects in Suizhong and Dongdaihe, Liaoning Provence, China

PVTIME – GD Power Suizhong Development Co.,Ltd. recently announced its partnership with the People’s Government of Suizhong county and Dongdaihe New District for rooftop distributed PV power generation project in Liaoning province, China. The scale of the project is expected to be 300MW with a investment total of RMB1.3 billion yuan.

There are 11 townships and 14 towns in the planning area. The project will utilize 50% of the county’s party and government agencies, 40% of public buildings, 30% of industrial and commercial buildings, and 20% of residential roofs for photovoltaic project development.

Based on the principle of “complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, and common development”, the two parties established a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship, gave full play to their location advantages, and strengthened cooperation in all-round power new energy projects.

GD Power Suizhong Development Co.,Ltd. has made full use of its own advantages in brand, industry, talent, technology, capital, management, etc. to actively connect with the county’s development plan since this year. It optimizes the development layout of new energy projects, and actively exploring the application of “multi-energy complementary” technologies to build clean, green, safe and efficient new energy demonstration projects to promote the development of local modern energy economy.