Dekra Awards ReneSola the Certificate of Acceptance of Witnessed Laboratory

ReneSola – On August 8, 2020, DEKRA announced to grant the Certificate of Acceptance of Witnessed Laboratory to ReneSola’s testing laboratory at Yixing. The two parties held a certification and licensing ceremony at the Shanghai SNEC exhibition. ReneSola’s CEO Sky Wang, Product Management and Technical Director Ye Hongwei, DEKRA’s East and South Asia Solar Service Director Bai Chengli, Module Manager Lu Yiming and other leaders attended the meeting. At the meeting, the leaders had further discussions on cooperation between the two parties. Then DEKRA’s East and South Asia Solar Service Director Bai Chengli presented the Certificate and license to Mr. Sky Wang, CEO of ReneSola.

Mr. Sky Wang, CEO of ReneSola said: “I am very pleased that our laboratory has been certified by DEKRA for the Witnessed Laboratory. ReneSola has always been committed to product quality improvement and research and development. This award is a great recognition and encouragement for ReneSola . Witnessed Laboratory Qualification can effectively shorten the sample delivery and testing cycle from Manufacturer side, thereby greatly improve the efficiency of our product certification, which is of great help to us to further improve our market competitiveness. In the future, ReneSola will continue to work hard to improve the laboratory management level and R&D capabilities, and further contribute to the continued competitiveness of our products.”

Mr. Bai Chengli, Director of DEKRA East and South Asia Solar Service said: “Our Witnessed Laboratory is a qualification accreditation for its own laboratory testing capabilities for customers with independent testing capabilities. The qualification of Witnessed Laboratory for ReneSola, reflects the testing level and professional ability of ReneSola’s laboratory, also shows Dekra’s highly recognition to ReneSola’s laboratory. ReneSola and DEKRA have always maintained close cooperation. We are hoping that both parties will continue to Join forces in the future, to promote the market together with more professional products and services.”

About ReneSola

ReneSola is a world-renowned solar company headquartered in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. It has been deeply involved in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of PV products for many years. It has a cumulative installed capacity of more than 20GW worldwide. Its customer base includes small roof owners, large-scale solar power plant developers, etc. ReneSola is providing customers all over the world with high-quality green energy products and high-quality services, and is a long-term reliable partner for investors at home and abroad.


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