Dalian Linton Technologies Group Signs PV Silicon Wafer Production Line With Russian EnCORE Group

PVTIME – Recently, Dalian Linton Technologies Group and Russian EnCORE Group successfully signed an N-type photovoltaic silicon wafer project agreement.

The phase I of the project has a scale of 1.34GW, including a complete set of equipments and services such as monocrystalline furnace, thermal field, cutting machines, squarer, grinders, slicers, and process packages. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2022. After the completion of the project, it is expected to be Europe’s largest single 1600 furnace type monocrystalline plant and the largest and most advanced photovoltaic silicon wafer plant in Europe.

Linton Technologies has completed the equipment layout of the entire photovoltaic industry chain. This overseas order is the first time that Linton Technologies has provided with a complete line of PV wafer production to foreign customer.  Linton Technologies will continue to expand its core business in the future, making unremitting efforts to be a world’s leading photovoltaic and semiconductor integration service provider.