645 Yuan/Share Fixed Price, Maxwell Reaches 727 Yuan/Share

PVTIME – Suzhou Maxwell Technologies Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Maxwell or company)(300751.SZ) a high-end equipment manufacturer integrating mechanical design, electrics research & development, software development, and precision manufacturing, disclosed its new round of fixed increase on December 14. Its issue price was 645 yuan per share, the number of shares to be issued was about 4.359 million, and the total amount of funds raised was about 2.812 billion yuan.

As of the close of trading on December 15, the latest price of Maxwell shares was 727 yuan per share, which was the fourth high-priced stock in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

This is the price that has risen all the way from 348 yuan after the last round of fixed increase completed in January this year, and after the bonus of 15 yuan ex-rights in May of this year. Without counting the May ex-rights, Maxwell’s stock price is around 1,300 yuan.

A total of 14 individuals and institutions emerged from 166 competitors as the final target for the issuance, with a lock-up period of 6 months.

Three foreign investment institutions Macquarie Bank Limited, UBS AG and Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC is optimistic about Maxwell and received approximately 605,000 shares. ICBC Credit Suisse (ICBCCSI) became the largest fixed increase this time, with a total of 1,472,868 shares allocated.

According to the announcement, the funds raised by Maxwell are mainly used for the industrialization project of HJT solar cell equipment. The construction period is 3 years. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 40 sets of PECVD, PVD and automation equipment respectively.

Maxwell dedicates to solar PV, display and semiconductor industries. The company develops, manufactures and sells core intelligent high-end equipment, including full-automatic solar cell screen printing production line, turn-key solution for HJT high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing, OLED film laser cutting equipment, Mini/Micro LED wafer equipment, semiconductor wafer equipment, etc.