Clenergy earns title of “Most Promising Enterprise Founded By Overseas Returnees”

China’s Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and Professional Association (OCEPA) recently awarded Clenergy the title of “Most Promising Enterprise Founded By Overseas Returnees.” OCEPA bestowed the prestigious award on Clenergy and 20 enterprises after a three-month nationwide as-sessment of more than 200 candidate enterprises.

The award is recognition of Clenergy’s achievements as determined by the company’s overall growth, innovativeness, business operation and social contributions. Entrance requirements for the OCEPA award process were high, requiring candidate enterprises to have at least two years of yearly turnover growth rate in excess of 30 percent. Clenergy’s products also had to incorporate innovative technologies and carry independent intellectual property rights that give them significant market po-tential. Earning the title is further validation of Clenergy’s achievements in these areas and bodes well for Clenergy’s future development.

Clenergy was one of a handful of selected enterprises in the renewable industry. Clenergy pro-vides high-quality and versatile PV mounting products and solutions for commercial, residential and utility scale customers. Its inverters and power electronic equipments are accompanied by full techni-cal and service support. The company is ISO-accredited and ensures every offering is of reliable qual-ity and stable performance, meeting all the standards that are currently in place. The company has harvested more than 30 Chinese and international patents. These successes are built on Clenergy’s three-pronged commitment to innovation, quality and service.

Earning the Promising Enterprise title grants Clenergy access to OCEPA’s varrious support pro-grams. Clenergy will take full advantage of these opportunities to promote the company’s develop-ment.

About Clenergy

Clenergy, which is based in Xiamen (China) and Melbourne (Australia), develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mounting systems for commercial and private PV systems on flat roofs and pitched roofs and in open spaces, inverters with G83 and G59 certification (MCS) and solar controllers for stand-alone facilities. Clenergy was founded in 2004 and is ISO 9001-2008 accredited. All of its products have been tested by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and comply with international standards. Its certified Z-modules and the fact that it only uses high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel means that Clenergy represents products with a recognised high level of quality and safety that are easy to mount and extremely durable. Clenergy’s European headquarters were opened in Germany in 2010, followed by the opening of its own branch in the UK (Northampton) in October 2011.


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