Chint Solar Europe: Start of Construction of Zonnepark Vleddermond in the Municipality of Stadskanaal

PVTIME – On location in the municipality of Stadskanaal, Chint Solar and the board of Stichting Gebiedsfonds Stadskanaal have given the official starting signal for the construction of Zonnepark Vleddermond. Jan Bessembinders, Jaap Blaakmeer (both from the local fund), landowner Aike Maarsingh and Mark van Rij from Chint Solar symbolically rammed the first pile.

Zonnepark Vleddermond will be realized on a 16.9 hectare site, adjacent to the business park. The more than 36,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 20.1 megawatt peak (MWp), can annually provide approximately 6,400 households with sustainable energy. Construction is expected to be completed in summer, after which the solar park will be connected to the electricity grid. Solar park Vleddermond is owned by Blue Elephant Energy.

The landscaping will take into account the view from Gedempte Vleddermond. The existing ditch will be widened and a nature-friendly bank with reed fringe will be constructed to hide the solar park from view.

For the social integration Chint Solar will contribute to the Stadskanaal op Zon local fund. The foundation that manages the area fund operates completely independent of both the municipality and the developers. The board of the foundation has already been able to help realize several projects financially thanks to the contributions from the developers of solar parks.

Jan Bessembinders, chairman of the foundation: “We are delighted with the contribution from Chint Solar, because it means we can once again support various sustainability projects. For example, we will use the contribution to make social housing more sustainable, and to install solar panels and LED lighting, often at social organizations such as sports clubs, a hospice or a museum.”

Mark van Rij, Head of Business Netherlands at Chint Solar: “After having previously realized another project in Stadskanaal, we are looking forward to starting to work again in the municipality. The start of Zonnepark Vleddermond is a first step in making an important contribution to the energy transition and sustainability ambitions of the municipality of Stadskanaal.”