735mV! DAS Solar Claims Record Oper-circuit Voltage for TOPCon Cell

PVTIME – DAS Solar, a well-known manufacturer of modules based in China, has recently set a global record using its n-type TOPCon solar cells, powered by its in-house TOPCon 4.0 technology.

DAS Solar revealed that it has attained an open-circuit voltage world record of 735mV for an n-type solar cell with a large area of 333.8 cm2 based on its TOPCon technology, according to the certification reports from China’s National PV Industry Measurement and Testing Center (NPVM). The previous world record of 730mV was reported by DAS Solar in May 2023.

The achievement of a figure as high as 735mV constitutes a significant breakthrough in the development of passivation technologies, and it holds great importance for the ongoing enhancement of TOPCon cell efficiency.TOPCon cells hold great promise for improving efficiency as DAS Solar’s TOPCon cells have seen an increase of approximately 35mV in open-circuit voltage via TOPCon technology 1.0 to 4.0. This increase has occurred at a remarkable pace, exceeding that of any other cell type by over 15mV in just one year. Additionally, TOPCon 4.0 technology has integrated four innovative features to support DAS Solar’s recent success. The novel carrier transport mechanism introduced by the newly designed interface of Poly-Si/SiOx/c-Si significantly enhances the short-circuit current and fill factor. The updated cell design boosts carrier selectivity, resulting in better open-circuit voltage. Additionally, new Poly-finger technology improves quantum efficiency across a wide range of wavelengths, and incorporating novel materials notably reduces emitter recombination, pushing the EQE characteristics at 300nm to over 85%, which currently represents the highest short-wavelength spectral response achieved. Commented by Dr. Song Dengyuan, DAS Solar CTO, and chairman of the SEMI China Standards and Technology Committee.

Innovation and investment in solar cell technology are critical to DAS Solar. The company has a plan to elevate R&D investment in advanced cell technology and facilitate the advancement of TOPCon 4.0, TBC, SCPC, TsiX, SOFS, and associated technologies, along with product industrialization, to offer dependable solar solutions for global partners.

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