100MW! AIKO and SOLSOL Enter Into Partnership for Distribution of ABC Modules in the Czech Republic

PVTIME - BC pioneer AIKO has entered into a partnership with SOLSOL s.r.o., a leading solar distributor in the Czech Republic, to supply 100MW of AIKO's ABC solar modules to Czech and Slovak customers.

The two sides will work together to provide reliable and highly efficient solar products to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which are both large potential markets in Europe. And this is an important step for AIKO to create value for the PV market in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a company engaged in the development, production and sales of solar cells, AIKO is very pleased to cooperate with SOLSOL to distribute its state-of-the-art ABC module products with high performance and aesthetic features in the region.

AIKO's ABC modules are currently in mass production with a conversion efficiency of up to 24%, making them the most efficient PV modules on the market. Its all-black appearance makes it the preferred choice for residential and commercial rooftop scenarios in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Balkans and other regions.

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