10.6 Billion Yuan! Guosheng Energy to Invest in Projects Including 4GW HJT Cells and 2GW HJT Modules Production

PVTIME – On September 19, a signing ceremony of a Dual-Carbon Industrial Park project was held by Shenzhen Guosheng Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd. (Guosheng Energy) and local government in Huainan City, Anhui Province of China.

This project was initiated by Guosheng Fengtai with a planned total investment of 10.6 billion yuan, which will be invested in projects including 5GW HJT equipment, 4GW of high-efficiency HJT cells, 2GW large-size HJT modules, 100,000 photovoltaic cleaning robots, sodium-ion energy storage (10GW MT/year), polymer frames (9 billion sets/ year), PV trackers (18 million sets/ year), and source-network-load-storage power supply system.

Once upon completion, it is estimated to reach 30 billion yuan of sales revenue every year, and 900 million yuan of tax revenue per year.