Open to Apply: PVBL Top 100 Solar PV Brands in the World

PVTIME – Energy moves the world, yet traditional ones led to carbon emissions and climate change. Many environmental issues have become the largest crisis in the world, thus many countries have started diversifying the primary energy sources to renewable ones. Alternative energy technologies, particularly solar and energy storage, are crucial to help achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals for broader sustainable development.   

Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL) is a platform to provide data for photovoltaic institutions and solar energy companies to share the challenges and opportunities associated with the emergent multitrillion photovoltaic industry. The rankings of top 100 photovoltaic companies in the world hosted jointly by Century New Energy Network  (CNE) and Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL), which is supported by the multidimensional evaluation system, aims to provide an accurate reflection of consumer attitudes towards brands and offer insight to companies on the effectiveness of their brand positioning strategies. 



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