Zhongli Group Signs Agreement for 400MW in Rooftop PV Projects in Lueyang

PVTIME – Zhongli Group, the owner of module maker Talesun, recently announced its partnership with the Development and Reform Bureau of Lueyang County for a rooftop distributed PV power generation project. The scale of which is expected to be 300-400 MW and the project would include the rooftops of party and government departments, schools, hospitals, village committees, industrial and commercial plants of Lueyang County.

The integration of modernized rural construction will promote the optimization of local industrial structures, advance the adjustment of energy structures, and support the promotion of green and low-carbon power. The signing of this agreement will accelerate rural revitalization and further leverage the company’s rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station business advantages, which will help enhance the company’s market competitiveness and sustained profitability, promote the implementation of dual-carbon business, and conform to the company’s long-term development strategy.

The new partnership further demonstrates Zhongli Group’s active response to the “Notice on Actively Developing Distributed Photovoltaics on Rooftops of Entire Counties (Districts) Pilot Project”. So far, Zhongli Group has signed agreements with three counties: Chenggu (50MW rooftop), Benxi (500MW rooftop + 1GW distributed), and Lueyang (estimated scale 300MW-400MW).