VERSOLSOLAR Provides Solutions for Reducing Total Costs of PV Plant Construction

In recent years, the price of PV modules and the relevant electrics has dropped about 50%. In addition, the cost continues to decline. Although this presents a good prospect for the large-scale construction of PV plants, the price declining space of the PV module is limited. The mounting system, which has been given little interest by people, will now be the next focus of further decreasing the total cost while the photovoltaic industry focuses on how to reduce the total construction cost of PV plants continuously and effectively.

The core concern of investors is to control cost and to improve profitability effectively, while the initial construction cost of a PV plant investment project is the focus. Also, PV plants should be considered long-term operations and investment projects, with the stability of the whole PV system for 25 years’ operation given more attention.

VERSOLSOLAR, as the most professional leader of PV plant construction solutions, gathers the global resources to carry out research, development and production of mounting systems, to provide strong support for meeting the satisfaction which is on stable operation and ROI of PV plants for 25 years.

During the Intersolar North America Exhibition on 10th July to 12th July, 2012, VERSOLSOLAR will display their VGPCF10D/E series Solar Ground Mounting System, which highlights the most reliability and low-cost.

All the features are based on strict data analysis, simulated calculation and optimized structure design. VERSOLSOLAR guarantees the system’s operation stability for 25 years. It can be used for both steel piles and concrete foundations. Additionally, this system could also be designed in different arrangements according to the installation conditions. Each component is modular designed and achieves large-scale production to save on system costs.

VERSOLSOLAR assumes that the mounting system and installation of the PV power plant will be the next focus to reduce the total cost and investment risks, as well as to ensure high ROI.


VERSOLSOLAR provides PV power plant construction solutions and installation service to investors and EPC internationally. So far, the company has 500MW references around the world. It owns two manufacturing bases and the yearly capacity could reach 3.5GW. Besides large-scale production, VERSOLSOLAR developed over 150 products covering all installation conditions such as roof-top, ground, trackers and BIPV. To be an international company, VERSOLSOLAR has set offices in the USA, Europe, EMEA and Southeast Asian countries to ensure reliability and quick service. It is the NO.1 Company in China providing G-scale PV plant installation service.


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