Upsolar Introduces Monocrystalline Modules Featuring 6-inch Cells

Company offers increased wattage capacity to optimize installation size, BOS costs 

SHANGHAI – March 28, 2012– Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, today announced two new additions to its portfolio of high-quality products: monocrystalline modules with 6-inch cells, available in both 60-cell and 72-cell configurations. Implementing the same popular design as its existing modules, Upsolar now offers customers its highest wattage levels to date: 255 Wp and 310Wp, respectively.
 Compliant with both International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards, these products build upon the success of Upsolar’s monocrystalline modules featuring 5-inch cells. Installers can adjust wattage levels in 5Wp increments to best suit a customer’s power needs. Both products are available with white or black backsheets for additional customization.
The company anticipates strong demand for 6-inch monocrystalline options in a global market hungry for high-efficiency technologies, most notably the US and in the leading building-integrated PV (BIPV) markets of France and Italy.
“Upsolar constantly strives to satisfy the diverse technical requirements of our partners’ projects. With the addition of 6-inch monocrystalline modules with both black and white backsheet options, Upsolar now provides a full range of crystalline technologies,” said Stephane Dufrenne, Chief Technology Officer for Upsolar. “We designed our new modules in response to a demand for products with higher efficiency. This equates to reductions in balance of systems and installation costs across all installation types and is especially important for residential PV systems, where rooftop space is limited.”
“We pride ourselves on offering the industry’s best quality-to-price ratio, and we’re raising the bar with the introduction of our six-inch monocrystalline series of modules,” said Zhe Jiang, CEO of Upsolar. “Our comprehensive portfolio of customizable crystalline modules, combined with unmatched product coverage options, make Upsolar products the best solar investment on the market today.”
 About Upsolar
Upsolar is a leading international solar module developer and producer, offering the solar industry’s best quality / price ratio in the global PV market. With vertically integrated, diversified manufacturing platforms, as well as an R&D-supported quality control management system, Upsolar produces high quality, reliable solar modules backed by a world-class warranty, at competitive prices. Headquartered in Shanghai, Upsolar has offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America to support an international customer-base, providing on-site technical support, customer service and product development teams. For more information, visit

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