Tiling Ribbon Technology: The Key Feature Behind JinkoSolar Record High Power 580wp Tiger Pro Panel

PVTIME – Solar utility projects require 500Wp and beyond, therefore it is clear that there is certainly a need for more powerful solar panels. In R&D, the industry is working on ways to enhance power performance and module efficiency. At this point, 500Wp provides only a modest scaling boost over 450Wp. As response to this, JinkoSolar recently rolled out Tiger Pro series, which provides up to 580Wp in 78 cell and 535Wp in 72 cell version, 20% more power than 450Wp panel and 15% more versus 500Wp.

In comparison, Tiger Pro has demonstrated the scalability of a record high power panel up to 580Wp. This was done by improving tiling ribbon and multi busbar process. Tiling ribbon could play a role to extend the power class beyond 500Wp. Compared to the conventional interconnection method, tiling ribbon process has a seamless welding and much larger effective inner space, which translates into more performance and drive current. The round ribbon rather used is very good because the cross section is quite small, and will bring an advantage for directing more bounded light back into cells.

The module size of Tiger Pro 72 cell version is pretty close to other 500Wp+ alternatives and fits exactly as the existing packaging requirement, but they have a 10-20 Watt gap in power output. Users can see there’s a big difference in power density and performance. In addition, the 500Wp+ module has some limits in terms of numbers of panels deployed in one string, because the open voltage can’t be reduced. JinkoSolar made an innovation to reduce the open voltage to as low as 49.5 Voc in Tiger Pro.

Either stay with Tiger or move to Tiger Pro can gain greater benefits compared to other available options because of their higher power, scalability, supply sufficiency and better performance characteristics.