Sunport Power Provides Solar Modules for JD Asia No. 1 Logistics Park PV Project

PVTIME – Recently, S-Flex series flexible solar modules provided by Sunport Power were officially put into usage in JD Asia No. 1 Logistics Park in Daxing, Beijing City. Sunport Power is very pleased that its flexible solar modules are gradually being recognized and favored by industrial and commercial projects.

The total installed capacity of the project is about 3.56MW, which can achieve an annual power generation of about 4 million kWh, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3,988 MT every year, and saving about 1,600 MT of standard coal usage, equivalents to planting 220,000 trees. Meanwhile, the Flex series flexible solar modules provided by Sunport Power solved the problem of insufficient roof bearing capacity of the logistics park warehouse, to reducing the reinforcement fee for the warehouse.

According to, JD Asia No 1. Logistics Park is a fully automatic warehouse built by, the China’s largest online retailer. The warehouse has a maximum storage capacity of 60,000 boxes of goods. It is equipped with robots of various functions. All operations in the warehouse are fully automatic, including receiving goods, storage, packaging, and sorting. This greatly improves work efficiency in the logistics.