Sungrow Releases Latest Liquid Cooled Energy Storage System at Intersolar Europe 2021

PVTIME – Sungrow rolled out its ST2752UX at Intersolar Europe 2021. It’s the latest liquid cooled energy storage system featuring a compact and optimized design, enabling more profitability, flexibility, and safety.

Reducing Costs

Due to the compact design of less than 26 tons, the system can be pre-assembled with the battery prior to transportation. This design saves a whopping 50% of on-site installation time. Further, it enables a smaller footprint given the back-to-back installation scheme.

The system auxiliary loss is significantly reduced with the liquid-cooled technology when compared to standard air-cooled technology. The liquid-cooled technology also ensures a longer battery life as it has an intelligent temperature control system, enabling a maximum battery temperature difference of three degrees Celsius.

Product Enhancements

With the modular DC/DC converter, the system enables parallel connection and flexible system expansion. Meanwhile, each battery rack can be fully charged and discharged through the DC/DC converter.

The DC/DC clustered battery rack application removes the SOC (State of Charge) calibration, benefiting most maintenance and operation tasks.

Furthermore, an automatic device is integrated inside the cabinet to carry out liquid replenishment, which can save 80% of filling work. Furthermore, the cabinet automatically refills levels of liquid, saving a total of 80% refilling maintenance.

Enhanced Safety Features

Since safety is one of Sungrow’s top priorities, the liquid-cooled system offers a three layered seal proof design. In addition, the Company’s patented connector integrated into the system has over 100,000 successful applications. As a result of its leak detection function, the system immediately shuts down and alerts the operator of any leaking. The system is also equipped with a water based fire extinguishing system enabling fire fighters to effectively manage a battery fire and prevent the modules from re-ignition. Moreover, the battery system adopts a multi-compartment design with each compartment having a 1 hour fire rating.

As more large-scale renewable energy projects come into operation and more resources are added to the energy mix, it is even more important to maintain grid stability. With a 24-year proven track record, Sungrow performance remains unparalleled on energy storage applications. Some of its landmark projects include the largest standalone energy storage project (100MW/100MWh) in Europe. The Company is dedicated to continuing offering innovative energy storage solutions with the goals of further supplying renewable energy, creating a more stable electric grid, and providing value to all stakeholders.