Sungrow Powers JEA’s SolarSmart Program with 1500Vdc DC-Coupled System

CHANGCHUN, China, November. 20, 2019 /PVTIME/ — Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, today announced that its first 1500Vdc DC-Coupled PV plus energy storage system has connected to the 9MW/3.836MWh utility-scale storage project, which developed by 174 Power Global under JEA’s SolarSmart initiative in Jacksonville, Florida.

9MW/3.836MWh solar plus storage project in Jacksonville, Florida

The power will be purchased by Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) to serve its SolarSmart program which offers customers a way to benefit from solar energy without installing solar panels on their roofs.

9MW/3.836MWh solar plus storage project in Jacksonville, Florida
9MW/3.836MWh solar plus storage project in Jacksonville, Florida
“174 Power Global selected Sungrow for the portfolio due to Sungrow’s sophisticated and integrated offer, proven experience and bankability,” remarks Henry Yun, President at 174 Power Global. “Their 1500Vdc DC-Coupled solution matches well with our requirements for implementing solar power, and we’re happy to work with Sungrow on this project to deliver clean, reliable, and cost-effective renewable energy to communities in Jacksonville.”

For the project, it integrated Sungrow’s all-inclusive solar energy solution consisting of 1500Vdc PV turnkey station SG2500U and all-in-one DC-DC Energy Storage System (ESS) solution ST1918KWH-D750HV. The containerized 1500Vdc 2.5MW solution features high efficiency and high DC/AC ratio of 1.5, ensuring an optimized LCOE. The ESS solution, which integrates PCS and Li-ion battery, local controller, saving thousands of dollars compared to existing “ala carte” solutions that require the purchase of separate component parts in order to achieve comparable functionality.

The DC-coupled system typically has lower interconnection costs than AC-coupled system, as it relies on only one single point of interconnection. Meanwhile, the energy is captured and stored at the DC level, preventing a loss in efficiency. This technology improved the overall energy output of the hybrid system while optimized equipment and installation costs as well as increased the overall system reliability.

“To date, the challenge for industry has been to find the appropriate power solutions to facilitate DC-coupling on a large scale,” says Hank Wang, President of Sungrow Americas. “Sungrow is a pioneer in 1500Vdc DC-Coupled PV plus energy storage technology and has consistently set the industry standards for quality and reliability. With this deployment, we have demonstrated that its unique approach to the DC-coupling of solar + storage is indeed a solution to this challenge.”