Sungrow Launches SH5.5RS-JP for the Japanese Residential Market During World Smart Energy Week 2022

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, on March 19 formally launched its newest residential ESS product—SH5.5RS-JP during World Smart Energy Week 2022. This specific version is tailored for the Japanese residential market. Featuring higher yields, simplicity, enhanced safety, and smart O&M, the SH5.5RS-JP better meets the evolving needs of Japanese residential users and provides each house with stable and clean energy.  

SH5.5RS-JP features a higher electricity yield and greater power at 5.5 kw and a maximum 200% DC/AC ratio. It can be applied in multi-roof scenarios and supports any 200V household appliances. As a result, residential users will access more efficient and flexible clean energy. In Japan, the power failure occurs due to natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes, so the SH5.5RS-JP also has specific features in ensuring reliable energy usage for local households. This product supports a maximum 12.8kWh high-capacity battery and completes charging within only 2.5 hours. Once power failure occurs, it can shift to Battery-Backup mode quickly, even within 0.1s, so as to keep powering the whole house. As a result, users can enjoy stable and clean energy for 24 hours.

Residential users prioritize safety of their energy storage devices. Accordingly, Sungrow developed intelligent online detections for SH5.5RS-JP, which run throughout the entire day to ensure the system’s safest operation. The system’s outer shell is protected with C5 anti-corrosion and IP65 standard, and resilient to outdoor use even during extreme weather. The smart O&M is just one more feature that gives this system and even more competitive edge. Sungrow developed the iSolarCloud which supervises the entire system. As such, families can manage their household’s energy usage from their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

Sungrow has been strategizing for the Japanese market for over eight years, and established its Japanese branch in Tokyo. In 2022, Sungrow also began forging the distribution partnership with Krannich Solar and other experienced local distributors; thus, further penetrating C&I and residential segments. Having a professional service team as well as more local-oriented products and solutions, Sungrow will better satisfy accelerating Japan’s decarbonization as it has a local service team and more specialized products and solutions.