Sungrow and One Stop Warehouse Enhance Partnership for Stable Inverter Supply and Distribution in Australia

PVTIME – Recently, Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed a new distribution agreement with One Stop Warehouse, its largest distributor in Australia. This agreement marks the enhanced partnership between the companies after its sincere cooperation for over 8 years, and demonstrates their commitment to continuously providing high-quality inverter products and dedicated services for local customers in Australia.

This agreement is signed against the backdrop of the Inverter standards issue: from 18 December 2021, all inverters installed must meet the new AS/NZS 4777.2 standard. In addition, the issue reportedly stemmed from new inverter standards introduced at the same time as changed certification and paperwork requirements for DC isolators. This news really raised concerns among inverter suppliers, distributors and installers in Australia solar industry.

Now facing the new standard issue, Sungrow and OSE have been working hard to resolve the Australian inverter crisis with the technical issue that has thrown the solar industry into disarray; thankfully, this is now on track for resolution. With this new agreement, they inject more confidence to local customers about their competence to meet the new standard. Moreover, local industry leaders like the Smart Energy Council have been brokered a resolution over the new compliance certification with new AS/NZS 4777.2:2020. Certification will now not come into effect until June 30, 2022, giving inverter manufacturers and certifiers six months to fix the certification issue.

Sungrow now occupies the largest share in Australia inverter market while OSE is the largest distributor locally. They came into partnership for 8 years and have been providing high-quality inverters for local customers. Andy Cheng said, “The long-term loyalty by Aussie installers to the Sungrow has helped OSW become the largest distributor of Sungrow Inverters in Australia.”

Anson Zhang, CEO of One Stop Warehouse said: “One Stop has been a Sungrow distribution partner for many years and we are delighted that we will be helping Sungrow support the Australian market into the future. Sungrow continues to develop leading technology that Australian installers rely on every day to power our country with solar.”

Joe Zhou, Sungrow Marketing and Sales Director of Australia, added: “Sungrow is pleased to continue partnering with One Stop Warehouse to provide our quality inverters and technical support services to the Australian market. This agreement reinforces Sungrow’s commitment to the Australian Solar industry and we are looking forward to working with One Stop Warehouse for a long time to come. In spite of the IGBT and chip shortage as well as the current new standard issue, Sungrow can still meet the demands based on its strong supply chain and leading technologies.”

Sungrow makes a complete range of solar inverters and energy storage systems for residential, commercial& industrial, and utility level systems. The comprehensive solutions support full-scenario applications, including grid-connected, backup power and off-grid. More importantly, the newly-launched High Voltage modular LFP Battery, which ranges from 9.6kV to 26.6 kV, teamed with a new range of residential inverters now is available through One Stop Warehouse.