Solar Power International 2012: Go Solar with Samil Power

Solar Power international 2012 was held in Orlando, Florida, and ended on 13th of September. During three exhibition days, Samil Power, a leading provider of PV solutions for grid-tied inverters, brought its inverters with comparably high commendation and smart mounting systems to the American market. The SolarRiver series for American market comprises SolarRiver3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US/6000TL-US/7000TL-US/8000TL-US/9000TL-US/10000TL-US; and SolarOcean series offers SolarOcean 165-US/250-US/330-US/550-US.

This year’s SPI witnessed a decrease in Chinese companies’ participation, as a result of American part’s anti-dumping and anti-subsidy for Chinese solar modules. Although confronted by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, Samil Power displayed its products geared towards infiltrating the American market. Further to that, with regards to Japanese incident, energy saving and emission reduction issues, things may have taken a turn for the better with US Department of Energy placing PV industry on the agenda. Reports on the American PV market indicate a 3GW installation capacity in 2012, albeit lags behind by that of European market, but nonetheless it is still one of the most emerging markets.


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