Sky Solar Secures International Financial Support

Sky Solar, a power operator with a long-term focus on the development, investment and operation of renewable energy assets around the world, recently announced that they have secured financial and loan support from PPF Bank for three (3) ground mounted PV solar parks (totaling 5.57MW) in the Czech Republic. PPF Bank is one of Eastern Europe’s largest international financial and investment groups and a main subsidiary of the PPF Group.

After careful project evaluation and with the review process now completed PPF Bank approved a loan amount equivalent to 75% of the total project value estimated at a rate of Euro 3.4 /W totaling Euro 14.6 million with a term of 15 years and an average financing cost of less than 5% per year.

Sky Solar’s PV projects in Czech were completed and have been in successful operation generating power for a number of years. These projects are part of the independent power producer (IPP) business model of Sky Solar, highly valued by international financial institutions for the long-term stable income and cash flows of PV power stations.

The main business models of Sky Solar can be divided into three parts:

1.Pipeline + EPC Service

This includes the development of power plant projects including EPC engineering services. In accordance with customers’ project investment requirements, Sky Solar uses its advantages in the global market by providing customers with power plant development services. Once this development has been completed, Sky Solar provides relevant EPC management as per the customers’ needs. The ownership of these power plants will be by the customer.

2.Build & Transfer (BT)

Sky Solar develops and constructs quality power plants, providing investors with complete power plant projects. Sky Solar can provide customers with full power plant operation and maintenance services as per the investors’ requirements.

3.Independent Power Producer (IPP)

As a professional developer and operator in the renewable energy field, Sky Solar will own all or part of an operational power plant.

Through a flexible and innovative business model, and with the capability to finance projects globally, Sky Solar naturally achieves long-term and stable development of renewable energy power stations which in turn require a large amount of funds. The company hopes that their business model will also continue to promote PV development in China. Relying on Sky Solar’s professional teams and global layout, it effectively bundles the value-added services with capital and upstream products, thus achieving a development circle of PV, energy products and investment funds.

PPF Group is one of the largest investment and financial groups in Eastern Europe with total assets under management of Euro 17.6 billion (as of June 30th, 2012) and covering fields including banking, insurance, real estate, energy, mining, agriculture as well as retail. PPF provides also provides services to Russia and several Asian countries and regions. PPF Group was founded by Mr. Petr Kellner more than 20 years ago, and Mr. Kellner still owns the majority of shares of the group.


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