Sky Solar Xinjiang 30MW PV Power Station Completed Grid Connection

(Xinjiang, China) On January 18th, 2013, Sky Solar, a company committed to the development and operation of renewable energy assets around the world, announced the successful grid connection of its large 30MW PV power station located at Alar City in the Akesu Region, Xinjiang. Officials and representatives from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, local government departments, banking partners, utility representatives as well as EPC partners and related media attended the press conference themed “Green Power in Xinjiang, the Rise of China”.

Xinjiang province offers excellent natural resources with average sun irradiance levels on average upward of 2,500 even reaching levels above 3,500/h. These levels are the second highest in China and together with the vast and extensive land on offer make it, and the Gobi desert an ideal location for the development of large-scale PV power stations. Since early 2011, Sky Solar China has consistently listed Xinjiang as one of the most important and strategic markets for large-scale ground mounted PV power stations. To date, the company has accumulated excellent project resources in Xinjiang including a 100MW project that commenced construction in 2012.

The recently connected 30MW Alar City project is only the first phase of a total 200MW project that will be developed by Sky Solar.. This Phase 1 project has been successfully completed and connected to the grid, and has therefore become one of the first grid-connected large-scale PV power stations in Xinjiang and also the first and largest in the Akesu region. The project shows Sky Solar’s ability and determination in the investment, construction and operation of PV power stations in Xinjiang and in 2013 will complete the construction and connected of the remaining 200MW.

“With the support and assistance from all levels of government here in Xinjiang in relation to the PV industry, we believe that the local PV industry will really begin to grow soon. Sky Solar will spare no effort in the investment and construction of large scale ground mounted PV power stations in Xinjiang, and will assemble the necessary resources throughout the group to strengthen the quality management of power station systems by selecting excellent EPC partners and by introducing international first-class engineering technologies” President of Sky Solar China Mrs. Li Xiaojun was quoted.

When talking about the development direction of the Chinese PV renewable energy industry, Mr. Weili Su, Sky Solar’s Chairman and founder indicated that the overall improvement of the environment together with the protection of the earth are long-term missions of all humans and that clean technologies including PV will play a big part in this. China’s PV industry is now at a critical turning point, and all participants in the PV industry, partners from financial institutions as well as the government should work together to explore a road for the further development of the PV industry in China. Mr. Su clarified further by saying that “China is an important market for future energy development. Sky Solar also looks forward to the issuance of new PV policies and rules and will utilize in full its capacity in global project development, investment, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and management of global solar power assets, therefore contributing to the development of China’s PV industry as a whole and across the entire value chain. Sky Solar values the excellent natural resources and the overall role that the Xinjiang region is playing in the PV industry. Sky Solar will continue to increase its investment in more areas of Xinjiang and make further contributions to enable Xinjiang to become the best application and demonstration region in China for large-scale ground-mounted PV power stations.


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