Schletter Group Relocates to Larger Site in China

PVTIME - Schletter Group, the international manufacturer of solar-mounting systems, remains on a growth course: with the relocation of its Shanghai site to a new plant, the company is significantly expanding its production capacities in China.

“At our new location, which is perfectly tailored to our
requirements, we now have the capacities we need for our growing
business,” said Florian Roos, CEO of the Schletter Group. In the new
plant, which spans approximately 18,000 square meters, about 400
Schletter employees will from now on manufacture solar-mounting systems
for the global market. “And the new plant also offers us room for a
potential future expansion.”

The Schletter Group has maintained its own production site in
Shanghai since 2010. “Due to the high capacity utilization, we have
reached natural limits at the old site in the last few years,” Roos
added. In addition to providing a considerably larger production area,
the new site also features improvements in automation technology and
production logistics. “The new site will enable us to process orders
faster and more efficiently.”

Since the relocation in March, production at the new site has already
been running at full speed. In the first quarter of 2020, the Schletter
Group has manufactured and delivered mounting systems with a volume of
300 MW in China, the bulk of which was already produced at the new site.
Roos expressed his gratitude to the employees who organized the move:
“To accomplish the relocation of a complete production facility exactly
on schedule is already a great achievement under normal conditions,”
Schletter CEO emphasized. “The fact that our colleagues managed to do
this in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic deserves the greatest