Sungrow Receives UL9540 Compliance Certificate for C&I Energy Storage System ST556kWh-250UD in the North American Market

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced recently that the Company’s energy storage system (ESS) had received the UL9540 certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland for North American C&I energy storage market, demonstrating that this competitive ESS solution meets the comprehensive and stringent local requirements in system safety and compliance, and forecasting more installations that it will be involved in.

UL9540 Compliance Certificate for C&I Energy Storage System ST556kWh-250UD

As one of the world’s largest energy storage markets, North America holds the most rigid standards for the energy storage system. The ESS ST556kWh-250UD is completely in compliance with UL9540, UL9540A, and the updated National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) criteria NFPA 855, NFPA 70, which are well recognized & authoritative proof of system with high quality, safety and reliable performance.

Optimized to the growing demand for C&I energy storage market in the North America, Sungrow rolled out this all-in-one solution in September 2019 with competitive system design for the best in class energy density and low LCOE, consisting of the stellar PCS (Power Conversion System) SC60HV, lithium batteries, energy management system, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), the fire suppression system and more devices.

More specifically, equipped with 556kWh of Samsung SDI Mega E3 lithium batteries, the system can be of higher power density and cost-saving. Featuring the optimized three-level technology, the energy conversion efficiency of the PCS can be higher. Also, allowing up to six units of the system to operate in parallel on the AC side makes the configuration more flexible.

Safety is the most important parameter in many customers’ minds. The E-stop function enables fast acting and arc protection for better safety management. Housed in an outdoor cabinet, the PCS and batteries are designed compartmentally. The battery compartment integrates HVAC overhead to guarantee that the battery works at a constant ambient temperature, ensuring longer battery life and safety.

Furthermore, the outdoor cabinet design is more aesthetic in appearance and ideally address the demands for C&I applications. With a high anti-corrosion capacity of C5, the system can be resilient to harsh conditions, like costal and high-pollution industrial areas.

“The UL9540 certified solution ST556kWh-250UD with compact design, small footprint and optimized thermal performance, guarantees minimized system operation overhead and warranty claim hassles in response to the high demand of peak shaving, frequency regulation and demand charge management,” said Hank Wang, President of Sungrow Americas. “We are delighted to bring forth more innovations to the North American storage market together with the comprehensive technical-support, sales and after-sale service.”

As one of the pivotal energy storage players with 23-year track record, Sungrow is active in over 900 major energy storage projects across the globe with zero security incidents by the end of 2019, ranging from islands to high altitude plateaus, from ports to residential applications. Given the cutting-edge technology, the amount of installations as well as orders of Sungrow ESS surpassed 500 MWh in the North America by May this year. Landmark projects include the first 1500V DC-coupled PV-plus-storage project in Florida (1.5MW/3.836MWh), and a 15MW/32MWh project in Massachusetts.