Chinese Solar Inverter Export Rankings for April: Huawei #1, Sungrow #2, SofarSolar #3

New Energy Think Tank: Analysis of the April Chinese inverters export data done by the team at Century New Energy Network was recently released. According to the data, the total export value of inverters (including PV, distributed PV, automobile inverters, etc.) produced in China in April was 232 million USD, which is a 4.36% decrease from the previous month.

CNE Analysts, Jack Zhang, reported that, in April of 2020, the export value of China’s major PV inverter brands and enterprises was approximately 123 million USD. Among them, Huawei exported 40.25 million USD, accounting for 17.35% and regained first place. Comprehensive data from January to April shows that Huawei has just edged out Sungrow with a slight advantage. It is worth noting that SofarSolar has entered the monthly top three for the first time. Moreover, SMA and Aiswei’s export values were calculated separately and not combined.

There were only four countries that had received more than 10 million USD in shipments for the month of April. The Netherlands accounted for the highest proportion of imports with nearly 50 million USD, reaching 21.56%. The United States, Germany, and Australia followed with 9.05%, 8.22%, and 7.32%, respectively.

There were three countries and regions that had received between 9-10 million USD in shipments in April. India accounted for 4.24%, Poland 4.09%, and Brazil 3.93%. It is worth noting that, due to the impact of photovoltaic subsidies, inverter exports to Hong Kong rose noticeably.

Highlights by region

Statistics show that Netherlands is still the number one destination for Chinese inverter exports. Top three companies exporting to the region are Huawei, SolarEdge, and Growatt, whose combined total accounted for over 56%.

The top three brands in the US market are SolarEdge, Enphase, and Chint Power, accounting for than 68% combined, with SolarEdge claiming 42.08% alone.

The German market is dominated by SMA, Huawei and other brands. SMA accounted for 37% while Huawei 23%.

The major brands in the Australian market are Sungrow, GoodWe, SMA, and SolarEdge, accounting for 18%, 14%, 14%, and 13%, respectively.

Solis, SolaX Power, and Growatt accounted for 89% of all inverters exported to the UK. Solis accounted for 57.97% alone.