RISEN: positively coping with photovoltaic bi-anti

RISEN (300118) says recently that the company is participating actively in the reaction of anti-dumping and anti-monopoly with the measures including hiring lawyers, establishing a group to deal with EU anti, preparing for the industry lawsuits, expanding the new markets in South American, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and China, discussing purchasing a third party’s battery to process for assembly or establishing subsidiaries abroad to produce battery to avoid the anti and price undertaking.

Risen founded in 2002, has evolved from a manufacturer of lamp to a leading professional solar PV manufacturer providing world first class quality in its high performing solar lamp, cell, and PV modules.

Risen successfully launched IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market in 2010, Stock code: 300118.

In 2011, Risen start to operate internationally by opening office in Germany and Hong Kong to deliver best value to customers. At the end of 2011, Risen reached capacity to 600MW, with totally 3200 workers in 4 wholly owned manufacturing plants in Ninghai city, east of China.

Broad prospects for specific target groups, Risen has established long term relationship with partners from EU, North American, South Africa and Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions.


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