Chint/Astronergy Announces Successful Completion of 10 MW Commercial Rooftop Power Plant in China

Chint/Astronergy today announced that it has completed a 10 MW PV power plant in Hangzhou, China.

The newly-built Hangzhou East Railway Station will play a vital role in transportation in the Yangtze River Delta area and the completion of a 10 MW PV power station on its rooftop shows the efforts made to balance energy consumption by utilizing solar power. The project occupies an area of 120,000 square meters and consists of 44,000 Astronergy Polycrystalline PV panels. Over 10,000,000 kWh is expected to be generated per annum in the future and a portion of the generated electricity will be used to offset lighting energy consumption within the huge building.

The investment made by Astronergy totals 295million RMB and all electricity will be delivered to the local grid. Not only are the PV modules provided by Astronergy, but other key components, including 500KW inverters, transmission and distribution equipment/transformers, are also from Astronergy’s parent company, the Chint Group.

“Astronergy has made great efforts to deliver green energy to the China local market. The commissioning of the 10 MW project also reveals the significant support received from the government and the growth of the Chinese PV market,” said Mr. Zhanwei Qiu, Executive President. “Astronergy will continue its investment in solar power projects development in China with its strong ability to provide a total solution to the whole system.”


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