Risen Energy at Bloomberg Summit London: Asset Securitization Can Reduce the Leverage Cost of Energy Finance

CHANGCHUN, China, November. 5, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- Recently,
the Bloomberg NEF Summit was held in London, England. Jieling Zhang, Director
of Overseas Investment and Financing from Risen Energy Co.,LTD (Hereinafter referred to as “Risen Energy”) attended the summit on behalf of Risen. When talking about the
company's future financing plan, she commented, “the commercialized operation of
solar projects’   is a general trend in the future. On one hand,
the assets of solar power plants that have been subsided in the market are more
than one trillion yuan. On the other hand, the demand for future power station
construction funds is still growing rapidly. Photovoltaic power plant ABS (asset securitization)
will be one of the most applicable and most important financial means to solve
future funding needs. "

Jieling Zhang's point of view, securitized
assets are removed from the initiator's balance sheet, thereby business risk is reduced during project development. At the same time,
asset securitization also frees industry and business opportunities from the
shackles that could only be reached by fixed investors, in order to face more investors. The lower financing
costs brought by asset securitization can accelerate the reduction of financial
leverage costs of energy and make photovoltaic power generation more

a supplier of  EPC
and O&M projects, Risen Energy’s “footprint” has spread all over the world, including
Europe, Kazakhstan, Australia, Nepal, Vietnam and many other countries.To this date, ,
the total installed capacity of projects has exceeded 1500MW and the installed
capacity of  power stations under construction
has also exceeded 1000MW.

After the summit, Fernando Calisalvo General Manager of Risen Energy (Europe and Latin America), was interviewed by BloombergNEF Summit’s financial reporter. He commented, "In both Eastern Europe and South America, the sales volume of modules is steadily increasing, and the company will also make every effort to further enter the South American market to achieve  broader overseas expansion. In addition, in order to promote the company's  “new energy, new materials, two new development strategies”, the company has increased the Energy Storage Business Sector’s resource allocation and reserve quality projects.”