Recom Announces New Outputs for N-type LYNX PV Module Series, Boast Efficiencies Exceeding 22.86%

PVTIME – RECOM Technologies announces new outputs for the LYNX Series with TOPCon technology, the technology of the future – the new Lynx 430Wp and the Lynx 710Wp with module efficiency 22,02% and 22,86% respectively. Lynx series modules with power outputs ranging from 410Wp and over 710Wp are based on N-type (TOPCon) technology. This technology is the future of PV technology and guarantees high performance and low degradation of the PV module, substantially improving the results and the yield in the time.

The N-Type TOPCon module boasts a powerful power generation capacity per watt, which results in a significant advantage in terms of electricity cost and premium capacity. N-type module is a fundamental solution to the risk of LID, because there is no BO pairs for its phosphorus-doped substrate. After LeTID test, N-TOPCon modules show no power loss. Lynx bifacial series have been widely applied in large amount of PV systems in the world with more than 10% power gain from the bifacial design comparing to monofacial power plant (bifaciality factor up to 80%).

Lynx Series module is the ideal solution for end users who want a quality PV, a reliable product over time and a fast turnaround on their investments. Available in Monofacial, Bifacial Single Glass and Bifacial Double Glass, these solar panels come with 30 years product warranty and with a 30-year linear power output guarantee. The 30-year end power output is guaranteed to be no less than 87.4% of the nominal output power. Lynx series is targeted at large scale, small and medium sized commercial and industrial (C&I) applications as well as the private, residential segment.

RECOM’s power plants are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and Lynx series is fully certified to IEC61215 & 61730 standards. Lynx series is also certified with factory quality tests ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 14001:2015 and Conformity to CE, PV CYCLE, Fire safety Class C according to UL790 certifications.

RECOM supports fast and reliable deliveries ensuring product availability at European warehouses.

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