LONGi Provides 19.2MWp PV Modules to Terrenus Energy at Singapore Changi Airport

PVTIME – LONGi, the world leading solar technology company headquartered in Xi’an, China, has supplied Terrenus Energy with 19.2MWp high-efficiency solar modules. The project is designed and executed by Terrenus Energy, a leading solar IPP in Singapore.

Terrenus Energy was awarded SolarLand Phase 2 (SL2) by JTC Corporation. Operating near Changi Airport, SL2 makes use of state-of-the-art RE technology, including a first-of-its-kind containerized mobile substation which unlocks the near-instantaneous redeployment of the substation unit. 

The original capacity awarded was 12MWp. LONGi’s high efficient Hi-MO 5 series and Terrenus Energy’s innovative project design, anchored by an advanced portable and compact mounting system, give SL2 one of the highest solar intensity profiles in the world. Terrenus Energy raised the total capacity to 19.2MWp, representing a 60% increase in energy density.

The project is expected to generate 23.9GWh of clean energy per year, reducing around 10,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Mr Charles Wong, CEO of Terrenus Energy commented: “Terrenus Energy is proud to complete such a landmark project in Singapore – currently the largest ground-mounted solar energy site in Singapore. Its inventive design optimizes clean energy generation, resulting in steeper cost savings and project returns.”

“We are happy to have cooperated with Terrenus Energy in achieving a remarkable solar intensity profile for SL2.” Dennis She, Vice President at LONGi Group, commented, “LONGi aims to develop the highest efficient module technology, and continue to provide great values for partners around the globe.”