LONGi Kicks Off Solar Cell Project by Turns in Ningxia Province, China

PVTIME – On June 7, the first phase of 10GW monocrystalline solar cell project, which initiated by LONGi Leye Photovoltaic Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LONGi, was put into production and the second phase of the project was launched at the Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningxia Province, the northwest of China.

The first phase was completed to reach an annual output of 5GW solar cells and the second phase with the same output of P1 is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of October 2023, with a total investment of CNY 6.6 billion.

The whole project adopts high-tech in production lines which is industry leading. And the solar cells produced there with high conventional efficiency can be widely used that are expected to achieve a variety of solar cell products in Ningxia. What is more, the new annual value contributed by the project will exceed 10 billion yuan, and the tax payment will be approximately 1 billion yuan a year, while more than 1,500 jobs will be offered.

LONGi intends to further expand its production capacity while a whole PV industry chain which the crystal pulling, slicing, solar cell and modules are involved will be set step by step in LONGi’s plan.