Jolywood Completes 4GW of 16GW Solar Cell Project in Shanxi Province of China

PVTIME – Jolywood disclosed on September 22 that the first phase 4GW of its 16GW high-efficiency solar cell project has been completed recently, another 4GW for the first phase is preparing for equipment, and the second phase (8GW) project will be launched according to its financing condition.

Jolywood never stops technological innovation and improvement. The company stated that the dosage of silver paste for its TOPCon solar cells has been reduced from 160mg/piece at the time of the initial deployment to 130mg/piece, and is expected to be reduced to 100mg/piece, then gradually 60-70mg/piece in the next year.

After the 16GW project in Shanxi Province has been completed and put into production, Jolywood’s production capacity of high-efficiency solar cell will be close to 20GW. Furthermore,  the current production capacity of solar module in Jolywood is about 3.5GW per year while it has no plan for expansion.