JinkoSolar Receives Greater China’s First LCA Certificate for PV Modules Issued by TÜV Rheinland China

PVTIME – JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (the “Company,” or “JinkoSolar”) (NYSE: JKS) announced that it has obtained the first photovoltaic module LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) certificate in the Greater China region issued by TÜV Rheinland (China) Ltd. (“TÜV Rheinland”), and concurrently passed the Italian EPD certification. The modules that have been certified are monocrystalline mainstream modules, with a total of 6 series and 43 sub-models. It is currently the sole domestic project with the largest number of products that have passed the Italian EPD photovoltaic certification at the same time.

The LCA certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland is an important foundation for the Italian EPD certification. Based on the requirements of ISO 14040/ISO 14044, it adopts a life cycle assessment method focusing on environmental impact such as global warming potential, from raw material mining to the production of silicon wafers, cells, modules, upstream and downstream transportation, power station construction, operation and maintenance to final dismantling and disposal, and comprehensively evaluates and demonstrates multiple environmental impacts of JinkoSolar’s photovoltaic products throughout their life cycle index. Combining the world’s carbon neutrality commitments and China’s domestic 30/60 decarbonization goal, this certification can help companies fulfill their pledges on carbon emissions reduction through recognizing product low-carbon design, optimized energy management systems, and energy efficiency improvements, social responsibility for emissions and ecological impact, and achieve the ultimate goals of energy-saving and emissions reduction.

On the basis of this certification, JinkoSolar gradually completed the requirements of ISO 14025 and the corresponding PV module PCR EPD Italy 014, and successfully completed the Italian EPD registration. Completion of this registration demonstrates that JinkoSolar’s PV modules met the requirements of the threshold environmental standards issued by the Italian Environment Agency in October 2017, and also met the requirements of the European Green Public Procurement Action Plan.

Mr. Kangping Chen, CEO of Jinko Solar Co., Ltd., commented, “JinkoSolar pays great attention to the details of how we control carbon emissions throughout the full life cycle of solar photovoltaic power generation. Obtaining the first LCA Certificate for PV Modules in Greater China, as well as having completed the EPD registration certification, are not only industry standard recognitions of our product quality but evidence of our strong commitment to social responsibility. As a global module manufacturer and member of RE100, we will continue to promote carbon neutrality and provide our global customers with more clean and high-efficiency products.”

Mr. Zou Chicheng, Vice President of Solar Energy Services at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, commented, “We congratulate JinkoSolar on receiving this certification. Reducing carbon emissions has become a global trend that continues to affect products, R&D, production, and supply chain management across a wide range of industries. Replacing traditional energy with clean energy such as photovoltaic energy will continue to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction goals. JinkoSolar obtained the first LCA certificate in Greater China and the Italian EPD photovoltaic certification at the same time, further delivering on its corporate social responsibility and product strength, and will help improve market competitiveness of modules. TÜV Rheinland’s professional one-stop service aims to help more companies enter their target markets and promote the world’s green energy transition.”


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